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This glossary will help you build complex mathematical equations using the Tex markup language. This will involve using @@ or $$ before and after the expression to display the desired results.
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formula box

$$\fbox{x=\frac{1}{2}}$$  gives



  • Syntax: \frac{numerator}{denominator}
  • Use font sizing commands for specific sizing if you don't want the predefined one to be taken.
  • Ex. (with predefined sizing): $$f(x,y)=\frac{2a}{x+y}$$ gives


  • Ex. (with specific sizing): $$f(x,y)=\frac{\fs{2}2a}{\fs{2}x+y}$$ gives


  • You may nest fractions as much as you want.
  • Ex. (nested fractions): $$\frac{\frac{a}{x-y}+\frac{b}{x+y}}{1+\frac{a-b}{a+b}}$$ gives



gamma (lower case greek letter)

$$\gamma$$ gives \gamma

Gamma (upper case greek letter)

$$\Gamma$$ gives \Gamma

greater than

$$x>y$$  gives


greater than or equal

$$x\ge~y$$ or $$x\geq~y$$ gives


greek letters (overview)

Simply write \greekletter for lower case and \Greekletter for upper case.

Here's a list of all known greek letters (Note: not all upper case greek letters are known):

Lower Case Greek Letters:

CommandFilter ExpressionResult

Upper Case Greek Letters:

CommandFilter ExpressionResult



$$\infty$$  gives \infty


  • General syntax for symbols with a kind of lower and upper limits:


  • In general, there are two ways how these lower and upper expressions can be placed: centered below and above the symbol or in a subscript / superscript manner. In the first case the symbol name is preceded by the word "big", in the second there is no prefix.
  • Syntax for integral symbol:

$$\bigint_{0}^{\infty}$$   gives  



$$\int_{0}^{\infty}$$   gives 


  • Use font size commands for a nicer picture:

$$\LARGE\bigint_{\small0}^{\small\infty}$$   gives  



$$\large\int_{\small0}^{\small\infty}$$   gives 


iota (lower case greek letter)

$$\iota$$ gives \iota

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